Gutter Earth

by Grimus

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released October 1, 2010

Tracked and mixed at Crimson Recording with Marco Bobadilla.
Mastered at Azimuth Mastering by Bill Henderson.



all rights reserved


Grimus Elizabeth, New Jersey

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Track Name: In the Gutter
Fighting for this so-called brotherhood
I'd rather die
I will not be made another lifeless mind controlled in your game
This was a calling for this family to drown alone

Drown away in your slaughter
Don't even bother making this look of value

I can't believe you're so weak to fall for their lies
Your will shall remain locked in their hands

To walk with them is to ask for your end

Join this club to walk on the road of your loss and pain

I can't believe you're so weak to fall for their lies
Your will shall remain locked in their hands

Just know that your last breath will be alone
So is this the way that you want to be?

As a lie
As a cheat
As a pig
As a bitch

How does this make you more of a man?
You can't even stand on your own two feet
Track Name: Friends For(N)ever
Leaving behind us a path of destruction, we carry on to realize there's no reason
We wage war upon all the living, we're here to let you know you're on the chopping block

Don't try and run from us just cause you're too scared
Don't blame us just 'cause it might hurt a bit
Just trust us when we say we're born already dead
Sit back and relax as I kill all you love

Try not to take this too personal
You're too into yourself
We're not done till we're all gone

I am not your martyr

We are the weight upon your wings, just give in to our hate and you will slowly see the facts unveil

I never wanted to do this to you
It just needed to be done
If you really want to know the truth
If you must know the truth

We want to save you from yourself
No need to thanks us
Just die and leave this world
I assure it can't get worse than this

If you really were my friends, you would smash my fucking brains in
Don't hesitate...
Oh, thanks I knew I could count on you
Track Name: The Situation
I'm not waiting for the chance to let you ruin this
I'll make you my example so you can carry these scars
So you can show all your friends that I'm no joke
Tell them like I told you they're all mimics to a fucking gimmick

Don't you come up to me like you're the man
We're both enemies till one of us is dead

I'm not impressed by your fucking stance
Don't beg me to stop just cause your fragile heart can't take it

I will show no remorse upon your kind
I will do what it takes to end this plague

This isn't a cast of judgment just the truth
About this crowd that they call blood
Never will you build another machine as long as I walk on this dirt

Oh please, God, all I ask is that you shit on their lives
Even if you have to fucking shit on mine
Track Name: Decimation
Slowly counting down the hours impatiently waiting for the call of the end
How much longer can this take? I sense the release and I have no remorse
I feel destruction running down my spine

I dream all day of watching everything fall to its knees
Life is too long for you not to give up on it

What I mean to say is I'm against the world
I have no regrets, burn this fucking whore

When will this all come to an end?
I've reached the point of no return
I want this all to fucking end
I might just slit all of your throats

What's the point of going on with this?
You reproduce just to let them fail
Do one good deed and put us out of our misery

What I mean to say is I'm against the world
I have no regrets, burn this fucking whore

Rot, fucking rot

There is no one left, everyone for themselves
There are no rules left, everyone for themselves